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WYD Pilgrims (Kuwait) Share the Good News in a Specatular Festival of Light and Sound

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The WYD Animators of Kuwait recently staged performances in the City and Salmiya parishes of Kuwait in an effort to raise awareness among the youth of Kuwait regarding the reason and purpose of the World Youth Day. The 62 members of the Kuwait delegation will be representing the Apostolic Vicariate of Northern Arabia at the 11th World Youth Day which will be held in Madrid, Spain from 15 to 21 August 2011.

The 12-item program was put together specifically keeping in mind the audience while being faithful to the message of the World Youth Day. The first item of the night was a walk down nostalgia lane... into the beginnings and history of the World Youth Day. Ruth Beunaflour from the HR group had a one-to-one conversation with a few people whose lives were touched in some way by their experience at the previous WYDs.

This was followed by a presentation by Joanne Batacan on what goes into the making of a successful WYD. The HR group then presented REVIVAL FIRE FALL a dance of celebration: A Joyful Celebration of the Invocation of the Holy Spirit upon the Youth. FIRE implied God's Holy Spirit and love which He continuously showers on us giving us the much needed light and strength to go through life’s every day struggles.

The Medley Dance ONE DAY - MY LOVE AND MY LIGHT - OVERCOME by the dynamic, vivacious Cultural group which followed had everyone tapping their feet to the beat. Through their dance their message was LOUD and clear... That ONE DAY we will realize that it is HIS LOVE AND LIGHT that will allow us to OVERCOME all trials, all difficulties and all temptations..

HERE I AM TO WORSHIP (video below) was an uplifting song that inspired the music group who we know as the ROCK OF FAITH to come out with an amazing hand mime presentation that had the audience yelling for an encore! This presentation was truly the result of each member’s patience, creativity and coordination guided by the Holy Spirit. This worship song reminded us about how wonderful are lives can become, just being with Jesus Christ.

A funny dialogue by the Cultural group gave a new meaning to being LOST IN TRANSLATION... this 3-way conversation in different languages and accents lightened the mood and had the audience rolling with laughter.

In keeping with the theme of this year’s World Youth Day PLANTED AND BUILT UP IN JESUS CHRIST FIRM IN THE FAITH, the Spiritual Group enacted a skit called FREE WILL which reminded us that no matter what the situation is in our lives God is always with us. It is left up to us to choose to accept Him as our Lord and Saviour.

HRs lovely dance interpretation of how we should be firm in our faith irrespective of how much the world disdains us and that in everything we do, we have to trust our Fathers plan with firm faith.

The unique and lively shadow dance / play to the tune of the Black I’d Peas pop song WHERE IS THE LOVE by the Cultural group brought into sharp focus the violence, the fighting, the social and political injustices and the bloodshed that rocks our world today. Their message - Love will always be the foundation for peace in the world.

The song from the previous WYD 2008 held at Sydney, Australia was presented by the music group through an interpretive dance. The song is an encouragement to everyone, especially the youth of all nationalities to be united in the unfailing love of God and to be the light of the world though the power of the Holy Spirit and to be witnesses of Christ’s love to other youth.

Preparation by the delegates for WYD began a long time ago! In December 2010 we had the orientation meet & greet where more than 100 youth were present. Our preparation was a remarkable experience thanks to Father Lionel and Fr Ben. Our Monday meetings have been fun, serious, even a little emotional, but at always so blessed! The HR group showcased through a video interview of the many participants how wonderful and joyous the experience of our preparation was.

The very talented and spirited participant Duarte Ferrao shared with us his talent for music with a composition of his own called HERE I COME TO PRAISE, which was sung by the members of the MUSIC GROUP.

The grand finale of the night was a parade of all the 62 Kuwait participants of the 2011 World Youth Day carrying symbolically lit candles singing the theme song, taken from the letter of St Paul to the Colossians, ‘Firmes en la fe’ – Firm in the Faith.

The spirit-filled event drew to a close with a vote of thanks by Father Lionel, SDB, who applauded the efforts of the WYD participants. He exhorted the audience to pray for the youth who would be making their journey to Spain and finally invited more youth to join in the celebrations of the next World Youth Day!

--- Article by Charlene, Wayne & the WYD team


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