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TimelineThe Vicariate of Kuwait is now the Apostolic Vicariate of Northern Arabia which includes Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The decree from the Holy See came into effect on May 31, 2011.

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Priests who served in the Church in Kuwait

"We give thanks to God for the Gift of their Service to the Church in Kuwait..."
  Rev. Fr. Noel Almeida, OFM Cap
 May 2011  to April 2024
  Rev. Fr. Johnson Arasseril, OFM Cap
 November 2010  to December 2023
  Rev. Fr. Prakash Kanjirathingal, OFM Cap
 Sept 2013  to November 2023
  Rev. Fr. Franco Pereira, SDB
 May 2009  to May 2023
  Rev. Fr. Louis Irudayasamy
 November 2021  to May 2023
  Rev. Fr. Ivan Anthony Perera
 April 2013  to January 2023
  Rev. Fr. Ramon Atanacio, OFM Cap.
 June 2012  to January 2023
  Rev. Fr. Alfredo Guran Micua, OFM Cap.
 March 2010  to December 2022
  Rev. Fr. Angelos Masoud
 August 2006  to August 2022
  Rev. Fr. Lionel Braganza, SDB
 May 2004  to January 2022
  Rev. Fr. Dominic Sequeira, SDB
 July 2019  to May 2021
  Rev. Fr. Peter P.M., OFM Cap
 Nov 2015  to  2020
  Rev. Fr. Sebastian Purayidathil, OFM Cap
 Feb 2018  to  2020
  Rev. Fr. Binoy Kochukarikathil
 Nov 2015  to  2020
  Rev. Fr. Blany Pinto, SDB
 April 2011  to  July 2019
  Deacon Sylvester D'Souza
 March 1962  to  June 2019
  Rev. Fr. Mathews K. Francis, OCD
 July 2001  to  February 2018
  Rev. Fr. J. Albert Saveriraj, OCD
 December 2003  to  November 2017
  Rev. Fr. Xavier Marian D'Souza, OFM Cap.
 September 2014  to  November 2017
  Rev. Fr. (Dr.) John Padipurackal
 January 2011  to  December 2015
  Rev. Fr. Andrew Francis, OFM Cap.  December 2009  to  November 2015
  Rev. Fr. Jose Nirappil, OFM Cap.  May 2011  to  September 2015
  Rev. Fr. Francis Kharjia, SDB  May 2011  Died:  17 June 2015
  Rev. Fr. Joy (Joseph Marangattikala), SDB  July 2009  to  April 2014
  Rev. Fr. Gaspar Fernandes, OFM Cap.  December 2009  to  September 2014
  Rev. Fr. Adel Nasr  September 2010  to  September 2014
  Rev. Fr. Mathai Madathikunnel, OFM Cap.  March 2010  to  April 2013
  Rev. Fr. Youssef Antonios Fakhry  November 2001  to  October 2012
  Rev. Fr. Humer Pinto, SDB  October 2010  to  2011
  Rev. Fr. Tony D'Souza, SDB  August 2003  to  May 2011
  Rev. Fr. George Chacko  March 2009  to  January 2011
  Rev. Fr. Joseph Palatty, OCD   ---   --  January 2011
  Rev. Fr. John Harry D'Souza, OFM Cap.  January 2010  to  January 2011
  Rev. Fr. Felix Mellawararchy, SDB  August 2006  to  June 2010
  Rev. Fr. Melvin D'Cunha, OCD  December 2000  to  February 2010
  Rev. Fr. Teodosio Fernandes, OCD  September 2005  to  January 2010
  Rev. Fr. Antony Gabbas, OCD  June 2001  to  July 2009
  Rev. Fr. Thomas Vadakedam, OCD  May 2006  to  May 2009
  Rev. Fr. Thomas Chalissery, SDB  May 2007  to  May 2009
  Rev. Fr. Joseph E., OCD  January 2006  to  August 2008
  Rev. Fr. Berchmans, OCD  September 2005  to  August 2008
  Rev. Fr. Windel Pastorza, OCD  September 2001  to  September 2007
  Rev. Fr. Derrick Misquitta, SDB  May 2000  to  May 2007
  Rev. Fr. Francis Fernandes  December 1995  Died:   2 May 2007
  Rev. Fr. Latif Haddad, OCD  October 2002  to  July 2006
  Rev. Fr. Maron Souaiby  January 1979  to  April 2002
  Rev. Fr. Gabriel Dias, OCD  December 1994  to  July 2001
  Rev. Fr. John Chrysostom P. OCD  August 1989  to  June 2001
  Rev. Fr. Gabriel Daniel Maliakkal, OCD  August 1998  to  May 2001
  Rev. Fr. Rutillo (Rutty) B. Mallillin  August 1996  to  September 2000

Priests who served in the Vicariate of Kuwait in the last 50 years (not shown above)
  Names of the Reverend Fathers Names of the Reverend Fathers
Fr. John leone Enriquez, OCD
Fr. Carmelo Spiteri, OCD
Fr. Herman Mizzi, OCD
Fr. Cyril Borg, OCD
Fr. Augustine Clavenna, OCD
Fr. Angelo Oswald, OCD
Fr. Edmond Dib, OCD
Fr. Denis Hanna, OCD
Fr. Dominic Demeyre
Fr. Athanasio Danieletti, OCD
Fr. Lawrence Tomb, OCD
Fr. John Tomb, OCD
Fr. Francis Tomb, OCD
Fr. Nereus Zubikaray, OCD
Fr. Fulgencio Fernandes, OCD
Fr. Nilo Geagea, OCD
Fr. Raphael Daher, OCD
Fr. Luigi Libian, OCD
Fr. Ignatius Gonsalves, OCD
Fr. Paul Saadi, OA
Fr. Paul Attiyeh, OCD
Msgr. Baselios Kanakry
Fr. Joseph Frangeh, OCD
Fr. Stanislaus Pinto, OCD
Fr. John Alex Pinto, OCD
Bro. Maurice, OCD
Fr. Angelo Rolando Madelo, OCD
Fr. Soosai Marian, OCD
Fr. Angelo Alam, OCD
Fr. John Fernandes
Fr. Salman Rabady
Fr. Jean Saad, OA
Fr. Diogo Fernandes
Fr. Antoine Ziade, OCD
Fr. Zacharias Pullayil, OCD
Fr. Paulus Coussa
Fr. Ibrahim Ayad
Fr. Raymond Abdo, OCD

Fr. Caesar Mourany, OCD
Fr. Patrick Lobo, OCD
Fr. Justin Panackal, OCD
Fr. John Britto, OCD
Fr. Cayetano Iriarte, OCD
Fr. Michel Haddad, OCD
Fr. George Haddad, OCD
Fr. Elias Maher Ab Younis
Fr. Joseph Connell
Fr. Leo D. Mc.Loughlin, OCD
Fr. Naoum Jaber
Fr. Basilios Assis
Fr. Nematallah Gharib
Fr. Carmelus Finianos, OCD
Fr. Gabriel Toubia
Fr. Michel Badin
Fr. Joseph Mary, OCD
Fr. Yousef Hanna
Fr. Yousef Saidi
Fr. Estifan Haddad
Fr. Robert Dí Silva
Fr. George Lobo
Fr. Kiriakose Hakim
Fr. Spiridion Mattar
Fr. Felipe Bengoa, OCD
Fr. Jose Prakash Arakkal, CMI.
Fr. Joseph Viozlowski
Fr. Boutros Felet, SCJ
Fr. Francesco Ronzani, SDB
Fr. Cyril Karimundackal, OCD
Fr. Alex Panakal, OCD
Fr. Ibrahim Hijazin
Fr. Jesus C. Gueco, OFM Capp.
Fr. Paul Bassili, OCD
Fr. Estanislas A. Soria
Fr. Jose Vattakattil, MSFS
Fr. Kurian Mattam
Fr. James Chittetu

We apologize for any omissions ...

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